Capsule8 1.0 is Here!

Following a successful beta with some of the biggest companies from Wall Street and Silicon Valley, today we are making Capsule8 1.0 generally available to the enterprise and delivering on our promise of real-time, zero-day attack detection at scale.

Back when we announced that Capsule8 was entering beta, we outlined a few of the issues organizations looking to modernize their production infrastructure were facing. We knew, from talking with 40+ large enterprises looking to move toward containers and microservices, that this new environment brought with it a changing attack surface and host of new issues to address. And, as we saw with vulnerabilities such as Meltdown and Spectre, heritage Linux environments such as bare metal and virtual infrastructures remain inadequately protected throughout the industry. The disclosure of these most recent high-profile vulnerabilities, and the ensuing media and remediation frenzy, was certainly a warning shot that we are not where we need to be when it comes to securing production environments.

Companies have been unable to find a solution for securing production, but not due to a lack of trying. Desperate for the ability to stay on top of looming zero-day attacks, some companies we spoke with tried to place EDR solutions in their production environments, only to find they just don’t work. These technologies don’t handle Linux well and don’t scale, especially when the network is under any real load. There has just never been a reliable way to detect real zero-day attacks in a production environment and many companies felt stuck at the mercy of incomplete patches, resource-intensive system updates, and other unreliable solutions.

Until today.

We built Capsule8 1.0 to protect today’s modern production environment and solve the most critical security challenges associated with containerized, virtualized and bare metal Linux infrastructures in a single, scalable solution. Production environments are constantly changing, and so are the threats, meaning companies have never had more to lose. That’s why they cannot protect their most critical infrastructure same old way, and we’re proud to say that today, they no longer have to.

Today’s launch is a huge milestone for Capsule8, and I am so proud of all the work the team put in to get here and so humbled by the caliber of companies, like Lyft, turning to us to solve this critical problem.

If you would like to meet with us at RSA and see a demo of Capsule8 1.0, please email [email protected].