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SOC 2 Compliance Playbook for Cloud Native
August 19, 2020
Part 2: SOC 2 Type 1 MVP Playbook Click here to read Part 1: From Monster to Mascot Of the SOC 2 principles (criteria) of security, availability, process integrity, confidentiality, and privacy, you can choose which principles to include in your SOC 2 audit but security must be included in any MVP SOC 2 audit. […]
Compliance in a Cloud Native World
August 12, 2020
Part 1: From Monster to Mascot How did a fairly straightforward endeavor – an IT audit – become that monster under the bed?  Compliance projects all too often feel a massive box checking exercise. You may be pulling staff and co-workers into a vast abyss, mapping arcane compliance controls, deciphering audit speak, all to hopefully […]