The 7 Things We Value

There are so many reasons why launching a startup is energizing – the opportunity solve big, important problems in cybersecurity, to bring together people who share your entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm – to name just a few. But perhaps the most exciting part is creating the kind of company YOU (and hopefully a lot of other people!) want to work for.

At Capsule8, we take culture seriously. We are working to create a company made by people of shared values. We recognize that it is not enough to just hang a poster on the wall a few years down the road when we’re “established.” We want to build a great culture from the ground up. That’s why we’ve taken the time to establish our core values to guide our mission. These values reflect what and who we are care about.

  1. Be iconoclastic – We are not afraid to tear down old conventions or norms. We aren’t here to make incremental improvements on how things are already done. We are driving toward revolutionary approaches that will come only from novel and exceptional thinking.
  2. Choose progress over perfection – When we face barriers to progress, we own taking action to remove those barriers quickly – even in the face of ambiguity. If we’re waiting on someone else’s decision, we raise the issue instead of continuing to wait. If we make a mistake, we don’t let it stall us. We own it, fix it, commit to not repeating it, but most importantly, learn from it.
  3. Default to transparency – We value open, transparent communication because we recognize that we all perform better when have context for our work. We share whenever possible in order to build trust in one another and our collective mission.
  4. Stay curious – Curiosity is the backbone of innovation. It drives us to challenge ourselves, question the status quo, and rail against blind acceptance of unexamined ideas. The exploration of ideas feeds our minds and drives breakthroughs that otherwise would not be possible.
  5. Collaborate – We place value on our individual contributions but recognize that our goals can only be met in collaboration with one another. Therefore we rigorously share our best ideas, even if we are not the ones to execute upon them. And we dig in to help one another even when we won’t benefit individually.
  6. Be human – We practice empathy because it breeds tolerance and understanding of each other beyond our own narrow perspectives. By practicing empathy we are strengthening our connections and stimulating more productive thinking. When we see merit in another’s ideas, we offer praise openly. When we disagree, we criticize constructively and privately.
  7. Continue evolving – We create our culture together and recognize that new values and ideas will come as we grow together.