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Hacking Code, Finding Bugs, and Going Back to School: Capsulator Ghost
April 29, 2020
Back when he started college, Nick Gregory raced over to NYU’s OSIRIS Lab and made some friends for the first couple of days of school. Then his classes got crazy and he didn’t hit the lab for a few weeks—he was adjusting to the workload of his freshman year and the stresses that go along […]
eBPF’s Rollercoaster of Pwn: An Overview of CVE-2020-8835
April 23, 2020
Last Friday, Manfred Paul published a blog post about the vuln he used at Pwn2Own 2020, CVE-2020-8835, a local privilege escalation bug in the Linux Kernel. It affects any Linux distros using Linux kernels 5.5.0 and newer. Why it’s cool: eBPF is the Hacker News hotness for tracing (i.e. monitoring execution of) the Linux kernel, […]
Security Delusions Part 1: A History of Cloud Compunction
April 20, 2020
Organizations are unearthing the potential of digital transformation, but security often remains a gatekeeper to this path of promised potential, largely due to its own delusions about what modern infrastructure means. As Herman Melville wrote in Moby Dick, “Ignorance is the parent of fear” – and security is too frequently hindered by its fear of […]
Goal Oriented in Soccer and for Customers: Capsulator Austin Britt
April 1, 2020
Austin Britt, director of sales engineering, has been with Capsule8 since 2018. In his time as a member of the team, he’s seen the company grow from no revenue and no customers to the thriving, but still scrappy, operation that is redefining Linux protection for the enterprise. Those early days bring a smile to Austin’s […]