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Harini Kannan
Tending Bonsai and Analyzing Tons of Data: Capsulator Harini Kannan
March 17, 2020
Harini Kannan is a data scientist at Capsule8. She joined us in May of 2017 as a data science intern after graduating from the University of Texas, Arlington, and has been working with us full-time since December 2017. In the nearly three years she’s been a Capsulator, Harini has been an important part of the […]
SecOps Tiers
No More Tiers: Reimagining the Structure of SecOps
March 11, 2020
Why not both? I’m not sure who thought that arbitrary hierarchical silos among a team of individual contributors was good for team morale and load-balancing, but here we are. During a recent guest appearance on the Purple Squad Security podcast, I described my last role working on a security operations team that handled incident response […]
RAMming Down Hype via Intel CSME
March 6, 2020
Recently, security researchers found new vectors of exploiting a vulnerability in Intel CSME, CVE-2019-0090, affecting all Intel chips other than Generation 10 (Ice Lake). The researchers haven’t released exploitation details yet, but proclaimed that “utter chaos will reign”… but not by exploiting this vulnerability! Instead, there’s a potential for chaos if attackers figure out how […]