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Major Key Alert: Data Discovery for Red Teams with an ML Tool for Keylogging
September 18, 2019
With the glut of security vendors who promise to secure to the moon and back on the star-glazed spaceship of Machine Learning (ML) technology, where is the equivalent for red teams? Imagine a scene: an earnest red teamer hunched at their desk, hand under chin, eyes hazy with fatigue as their finger presses the down […]
How Capsule8 Approaches Linux Monitoring
September 18, 2019
We at Capsule8 have put a lot of thought into our product by thinking about what would make us most mad as hackers if we encountered it while attacking an organization. One difference between Capsule8 and other Linux detection solutions is that our detection happens locally. It’s far less expensive for everyone to do computations […]
Here’s How Capsule8 Protect Helps You Achieve HIPAA Compliance for Your Linux Production Environment
September 17, 2019
By the end of December 2018, the HHS Office for Civil Rights received notifications that a staggering 13 million healthcare records had been exposed.  Even with strict HIPAA regulations in place to prevent inappropriate access, we still read about attacks on sensitive information almost every day, making it  even more critical that healthcare providers have […]
Exim Remote Code Execution, CVE-2019-15846
(Back) Slasher: RCE Horrors in Exim
September 10, 2019
Last week, a buffer overflow vuln, deemed CVE-2019-15846, was announced in Exim that allowed remote code execution (RCE) via a trailing backslash, perhaps like a blade-wielding ghost stalking you after being summoned to murder you (it’s never too early for Spooktober vibes). Exim is an open source mail transfer agent shipped with most Linux distros, […]