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How Security Teams Can Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the OODA Loop
June 25, 2019
A well-loved military operational strategy is the OODA loop, a learning cycle that helps the operator gain an advantage against their opponent by responding with greater agility to unfolding events. While initially outlined by Colonel John Boyd with the fighter pilot user persona in mind, it is not only applicable to cyberwarfare but also remarkably […]
Customer Interview: Looker
June 13, 2019
With over 1700 industry-leading and innovative companies such as Sony, Amazon, IBM, Spotify, Etsy and Lyft trusting Looker’s data platform, Looker takes security seriously.  The Looker Security Operations team, managed by Richard Reinders, is constantly working to ensure they have the best security possible to protect their customers’ production workloads. We sat down with Richard […]
Escaping like a Rocket via rkt enter
June 4, 2019
Last week, a researcher disclosed three vulnerabilities in rkt, CVE-2019-10144, CVE-2019-10145, and CVE-2019-10147, that let an attacker escape the container. Rkt is an open source container runtime created by CoreOS in 2014. Why it’s cool: This vuln trio allows attackers to gain root on the host machine from a rkt pod. rkt up to version […]