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Search No Further: Capsule8 Supports Google Cloud Security Command Center with Security Partner Integration
April 18, 2019
Today is another big day for Capsule8. We officially announced that we are included as a Security Partner Integration within the newly launched Google Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC). The Cloud SCC made a huge splash last week at Google Next, when it was made generally available as a security and data risk platform […]
apache carpe diem - cve-2019-0211
Apache CARPE DIEM: CVE-2019-0211
April 9, 2019
Recently, Charles Fol blogged about his privilege escalation bug in Apache, CVE-2019-0211, aka “CARPE DIEM” (seize the 0day, comrades!). This affects Apache HTTP Server versions 2.4.17 through version 2.4.38 (from October 9, 2015 to April 1, 2019). Why is it cool? Exploiting this bug allows for escalation from the meager privileges of an Apache worker […]
monitoring linux infrastructure
A Guide to Linux Monitoring
April 3, 2019
Different Approaches to Linux Host Monitoring In case you hadn’t heard, Linux is a big deal. Linux servers are used in the vast majority of production systems, the ones running the apps and services everyone uses. But, as said by the great infosec #thoughtleader and uncle to Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility.” These […]
Between Two Kernels: Halvar Flake – E03
April 2, 2019
In Episode 3 Kelly chats with Halvar Flake, former Project Zero team member at Google and Co-Founder of optimyze. The two get philosophical about vendor tag lines, characterize his new start-up with buzzwords, and the differences between automation in offensive and defensive security work.