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Essential Guide to Cloud Native Security
An Essential Guide to Cloud Native Security
April 23, 2018
What Is Cloud Native? Cloud native applications are designed and built on the cloud. On a higher level, “cloud native” is a fundamentally new approach to application design and deployment that leverages native cloud capabilities (e.g., auto-scaling, continuous deployment, and auto-management). An open source approach leveraging IaaS capabilities (eg. AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud) […]
Capsule8 Announcement
Capsule8 1.0 is Here!
April 11, 2018
Following a successful beta with some of the biggest companies from Wall Street and Silicon Valley, today we are making Capsule8 1.0 generally available to the enterprise and delivering on our promise of real-time, zero-day attack detection at scale. Back when we announced that Capsule8 was entering beta, we outlined a few of the issues […]