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Seven Key Takeaways from the 2021 Cloud Native Security Summit
Capsule8 successfully wrapped up yet another Cloud Native Security Summit recently. This year’s exclusive virtual event, hosted by Capsule8 with partners Open Raven and Snowflake, focused on Lessons in Cyber Resilience. Pre-Covid, this would have been an in-person event with lots of networking and social interaction opportunities, and it’s so difficult to replicate that experience […]
DevOps, Support, and Soccer: Meet Chukwudi Stanley Onwumelu
As Capsule8 continued to gain momentum over the past year, the need for additional folks to support customer success became apparent. The search for people to help fill those roles led us to Chukwudi Stanley Onwumelu, our talented DevOps Support Engineer! And while Chukwudi had other interviews and an enticing offer in hand, he still […]
Climbing toward the Summit: The Cloud Native Security Summit is Almost Here
If you follow Capsule8 on social media, you’ve likely seen our barrage of speaker announcements, session updates, and overall agenda magic (literally, there is a magic show) for the upcoming Cloud Native Security Summit on April 14.  After two successful in-person events in New York in 2018 and San Francisco 2019, we were really looking […]
SELinux – a boon or bane?
SELinux seems to invoke conflicting emotions for many Linux practitioners. Before we explore why that might be the case, let’s answer some basic questions about SELinux. In this post, our goal is to provide an unbiased view of SELinux and its benefits and weaknesses for organizations considering implementing the tool. We will follow up with […]
5 Barriers to DevOps Deployment
According to a recent State of DevOps report, teams practicing DevOps benefit from a lower change failure rate, 24 times faster recovery from failures when they do occur, and significantly less time spent on rework and security issue remediation.  In short, DevOps helps reduce risk, improve productivity, and reduce costs. Such teams tend to be […]
Start-Ups and Food Trucks: Meet Terri Wagner!
As Head of Delivery and Support, Terri Wagner’s day is full of decision-making and developing processes to ensure our customers benefit from the steps and procedures Capsule8 puts into place. She leads the team responsible for making and keeping our clients happy, and we are especially happy to have her on board.  Terri has only […]
A Serverless Explainer for Defenders
What is all this “serverless” stuff and why should security people care? The tl;dr is that serverless compute services – also known as “function-as-a-service” – are efficient at handling events on-demand in applications that don’t have a constant firehose of requests. Your developers will vibe with not having to worry about anything but their code, […]
Linux Tracing 101: Do You Know What Your Servers Are Doing
In a recent webinar, Capsule8 Research Scientist Nick Gregory discussed some of the core building blocks of server monitoring and tracing in Linux. To get the most from your systems, it’s more important than ever to monitor and trace potential issues and to understand the key components of a successful response system. Let’s take a […]
How to Maintain Security for On-Demand Containers & Stateless Environments
On-demand containers and stateless environments are a class of infrastructure components that play a very important part in running the daily business operations. They can be used for business continuity tasks, for backups, batch processing, CI/CD jobs, transactional emails, auto-scaling, asynchronous workloads and many other reasons. From a security perspective, securing those containers or environments […]
From Calculators to Capsulators: Meet Scott Kenerly
According to Capsule8’s Scott Kenerly, being the CFO of high-tech startups is “not for the faint of heart.” On any given day, he’s tackling projects that range from corporate development to strategy, to accounting/finance, to human resources, to operations, and beyond. And with a fast-moving security landscape, a global pandemic, and an entirely remote workforce, […]
What will Define Cybersecurity Moving into 2021?
We are in a unique position as 2021 gets underway. With the coronavirus pandemic still very much a factor, cybersecurity priorities have shifted dramatically in the last twelve months, with an increased focus on distributed workforces and the technologies that support them.  Risk comes from all angles, with users, vendors, partners, and systems all contributing […]
Howdy Partners – Capsule8 Launches a New Partner Program
Today is a big day at Capsule8 as we expand our inner circle and extend our reach with the newly launched Capitalize program.  Rolling out nationally and beginning with more than 10 carefully-selected VARs and integration partners, including Gotham Technologies, Fortifire, and SideChannel, we’re working hard to create a frictionless experience so that our Partners […]
Case Study: Mimecast
With Capsule8, Mimecast is able to strengthen their security posture and meet critical compliance standards. Industry: Technology Company Size: 1,700 + employees worldwide Challenges: Lack of deep visibility and strict compliance requirements Key Benefits:  Enhanced visibility, capability to respond in a systematic way to potentially malicious behavior, controls to meet compliance certifications As a leading […]
Establishing a Scalable Collaboration Between Security and DevOps
In a recent blog post, we’ve discussed the journey many IT organizations are on to digital transformation and the trajectory they have taken in recent years. Drawing from a recent webinar run with 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, we looked at the cloudy future of workload deployment locations and current DevOps adoption […]
Heap Overflow in Sudo: The Struggling Escape Artist (CVE-2021-3156)
Yesterday, the Qualys Research Team disclosed a heap overflow vulnerability in sudo, CVE-2021-3156, called “Baron Samedit” (in a show of delightful wordplay with the Haitian Vodou spirit). It allows a local user to become root and gain control over the target system. Why it’s cool: Sudo, short for “superuser do”, is a default utility in […]
Bringing Your A-Game: Availability for Security People
The security industry tends to focus on the protection of sensitive data, forgetting that availability falls under the classic C.I.A. triad. This is a mistake, and an especially egregious one considering the rise of the service delivery economy. This post is intended as an overview of why infosec teams stand to substantially benefit from rediscovering […]
Security Gaps in the Digital Transformation Journey
In a recent webinar produced in partnership with 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, Kelly Shortridge and Fernando Montenegro discussed the elements necessary for security teams to better engage with DevOps. But to realize that kind of transformation, context is needed. Digital transformation is a holistic process. It’s a journey that every organization […]
Our Top Linux Security Posts of 2020
Throughout the year, the Capsule8 blog discussed many of the pressing issues and challenges faced by organizations in a rapidly-shifting security environment. We’ve collected the top eight blog posts written in that time and summarized them all below for easy reference.
From Catastrophe to Chaos in Production
Production is the remunerative reliquary where we can realize value from all of this software stuff we wrangle day in and day out. As has been foretold from crystal balls through to magic eight balls, the deployment and operation of services in production is increasingly the new engine of business growth, and few industries are […]
Put Us In Coach – Cloud Security is a Team Sport
Recently Fernando Montenegro of 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, released a new thought leadership report, “Cloud Security is a Team Sport,”* (*Login required) that breaks down the need for collaboration and teamwork when tackling cloud security in two key areas: Within the vendor community, highlighting the need for collaboration between cloud service […]
Capsule8 Enhances Linux Protection for Production Infrastructure
The growth of Linux environments powering commercial organizations is rapid, especially as more workloads are migrated to the cloud. Attackers are targeting Linux systems with tactics built specifically for them, not copy-and-paste versions of Windows attacks, presenting a challenge for many businesses that have yet to fully understand or mitigate the risk. At Capsule8, we […]
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