AWS Security

Organizations using Amazon Web Services (AWS) need assurance that attacks – even those using zero days – finding their way into their AWS environments are caught in real time, before the whole system is compromised. At the same time, they need to ensure that compliance policies are met.

The Challenge

If you’re just starting to move to the cloud, you’re most likely transforming from a traditional architecture and applications to microservices and/or containers (or sticking with cloud-based bare metal). You’re familiar with endpoint security tools, but probably already know they don’t work as well in the cloud or in production as they do on desktop systems.

The Capsule8 Difference

Real-Time Detection and Prevention.

Capsule8 can detect and prevent attacks across your AWS environment, alleviating concerns about enhanced exposure to security risks and loss of control in public cloud deployments. As public cloud container services continue to grow in popularity (vs software products), you can confidently take on these new technologies–including AWS’ in-house orchestration option–with assurance that your detection methods are reliable and scalable.

GCP Deployment Protection.

Whether you’re deploying to bare-metal, containerized, multi-cloud, or your own creative combination, Capsule8 Protect provides run-time protection – along with automated disruption, policy enforcement, and compliance fulfillment – of your production environment at scale.

Enhanced Visibility.

Capsule8 integrates with the AWS S3 bucket, Lambda, and AWS Security Hub for centralized alert management, enhancing your visibility of alerts in the way you already like digesting them.

Product Overview

Capsule8 is the industry’s only real-time, zero-day exploit detection platform purpose-built for Linux production systems in hybrid environments – whether multicloud, containerized, virtualized or bare metal.