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Attempt To Load A Kernel Module Failed
Kernel Module Loaded
Suspicious Interactive Shell Started
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Protect Production,
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Runtime visibility and detection for production Linux workloads.

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Performant, Scalable Linux Protection

As workloads continue migration to cloud platforms with diverse environments, more organizations are adopting Linux infrastructure. These workloads are vulnerable to attacks and unwanted activity specifically built for Linux.

Capsule8, built specifically for Linux systems, will detect not only the simplest commodity malware or rogue developer behavior, but well-resourced attack campaigns using zero-days as well.

Linux Detection
Runtime Protection
Incident Investigation
Cloud Native Protection
Policy Enforcement
Identify sophisticated attacks as they happen. Detect unwanted activity without requiring a kernel module, orchestration, baselining or system scans. Have fewer false positive alerts, reduce triage, investigation, storage and network costs, while providing more assurance of security posture.

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Easily deploy protection that stops attacks before they become compromises. Guard against the loss of uptime or risk performance problems in your production systems. Capsule8 was built specifically to protect Linux systems, not treat them as an afterthought like legacy EDR vendors.

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Gain real-time visibility into security-relevant data and investigate incidents with meaningful, near-real-time telemetry, without the gathering and querying negatively impacting workload stability and performance. See exactly what logged-in users do on your infrastructure without risking performance issues on live systems.

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No matter what mix you are of on-prem legacy systems, public and private cloud, or microservices and containers, Capsule8 protects your infrastructure as it looks now and as you continue to evolve it.

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Apply policies around privileged access to systems (PAM) and file integrity monitoring (FIM). Capsule 8 Protect supports compliance requirements while driving down noise. Capsule8 is a cost effective compliance solution, helping shift more mission critical workloads to the public cloud.

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Achieve and enforce a compliant Linux enterprise whether governed by PCI, HIPAA, FINRA, or FedRAMP with a single solution for your production environment. Our monitoring, detection and response capabilities are enabled for you to meet your compliance requirements.

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Security Designed for Lower Operational Costs and Less Downtime Risk

Avoid costly downtime, overloaded hosts, or stability snafus caused by traditional security tools by enabling resource limits (including CPU, memory, and data collection limits) and running without a kernel module.

A single host-based agent designed for uptime, scalability and reliability protects all of your Linux hosts and nodes in any environment — whether workloads you operate in clouds or data centers.

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Purpose-built Linux Protection for Runtime Software Infrastructure


Consistent Protection Across Your Infrastructure

Capsule8’s Protection is built for the unique threat models of production and cloud-native systems, leaving no coverage gaps in cloud or microservices environments and giving you consistent protection across all your enterprise infrastructure, far beyond typical endpoint security solutions.

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Capsule8 Product Overview
November 24, 2020
Capsule8 Protect is an enterprise infrastructure protection solution that stops attacks on Linux systems. It enables teams to immediately detect unwanted activity, gain systems resilience to support operations, and uphold security across all environments.
Gartner’s Market Guide for Cloud Workload Protection Platforms
June 25, 2020
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