The industry’s only real-time attack disruption platform purpose built for the cloud-native world of Linux, containers and microservices. Capsule8 automates the detection, isolation, and shut down of attacks in the instant they happen.

Capsule8 Selected by Momentum Partners for Q3 2017 Watch List

Watch List recognizes impressive growth and innovation in cybersecurity   BROOKLYN, New York – Capsule8 today announced it was named to Momentum Partners’ Q3 2017 Watch List, which recognizes ten innovative …

What’s the Most Secure Container Orchestrator, Kubernetes or Docker Swarm?

Containers are being increasingly used and deployed by organizations of all sizes, with different orchestration platforms. Among the most popular are the open-source Kubernetes and Docker Swarm platforms, each has …

07 Dec /17

Dino Dai Zovi at KubeCon: Preventing Attacks at Scale

Security hardening for containers, clusters, and operating systems is a very important part of setting up infrastructure and always “Plan A”. The world of “Plan A” defends the importance of …

Why Capsule8?

Despite massive adoption of Linux in the enterprise, there has been no world-class security offering for Linux infrastructure — until now. Capsule8 is pioneering the industry’s first real-time attack disruption platform designed to proactively protect legacy and next-generation Linux infrastructure from both known and unknown attacks.